BlackBox Vs Agile

For quite sometime, I am hearing lot of things about Agile development, and in turn agile testing. Lot and lot of things about testing frameworks, unit testing, early testing etc.

All these methods are trying to kill Blackbox testing and the role of black box tester. None of these methodologies, emphasize about the role of Blackbox tester. All these are telling about early testing, extensive unit testing, automating unit testing etc.

But is this true? Will these testings w/o blackbox testing achive result? I do not think so, the primary reasons being, that many 'ities' are missing the above said agile methodologies,

are the 'ities' those are taken care by Blackbox tester which the automated unit testing cannot achieve.

But the agile development and so called agile testing is blown out of it 'deserved' proportion and it tries to occupy the land of Black box testing, which should be defeated by blackbox testers. But alas, I couldnt find proper propoganda of blackbox testers against this agile wave.