Which Generation am I?

Recently when I was conversing with my friend's cousin (who is around 20 years old), I was telling that I couldn't use Facebook, instead I like orkut for social networking. I am of the opinion that  Orkut's UI is better than Facebook's for connecting with friends. His reply was that I belong to previous (web) generation, though not technically (Web 1.0,Web 2.0) but on usage of web.

I was pretty displeased on hearing it.. but on thinking on it, I started listing what are all the sites I do not use or not explored , the list seems to be growing,

Facebook (albeit I am in, not feeling easy)

list is growing.. all the above mentioned are social networking/ news / book mark sharing sites.. Rarely I use ecommerce sites to buy things..

All I use is Orkut, LinkedIn,blogger,youtube,Google maps ...hmm..and obviously gmail.

I read news @ google news, chat via yahoo msnger.

Am I belong to previous gen?? What about you?