Pairwise Test case Generator

Many of the testing experiences, especially product testing, testers will come across situation like executing test cases in

3 Browsers (Chrome,FireFox,IE)
2 Databases (Oracle,SQLSERVER)
4 operating systems(Linux,Windows,Solaris)

So the total no.of.combination is 3 X 2 X 4 = 24 combinations

If we have even 100 test cases, there comes an exhaustive no of 2400 test cases along with these combinations.

In order to avoid this, we use Pairwise testing, by removing the redundancy in the 24 combinations (in above said example).

How to reduce the redundancy is an important but slightly cumbersome knowledge, but provides a free online tool to create an optimum result on pairwise testing.


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2 opinions:

Vasu said...

You can also use "AllPairs" which is developed by James Bach. You can get it from Actually tools like AllPairs are subset of the Orthogonal Array Testing Strategy(OATS) technique developed by Taguchi.

Anonymous said...

My brother has developed what I believe is an excellent web based tool to improve pairwise test plan generation. This builds on the work my father, William Hunter, did with factorial design of experiments.