Welcome to our blog, yet another blog in software testing. We know that there are numerous blogs in software testing discussing abounding no. of. Topics.

In this blog, our intention is to share our testing experiences, challenges we met, questions we have (and you have) while continuously getting the input from you.

Well, there are many grey areas in software testing,though explored by many of the industry’s most powerful testers, but still remaining as puzzles.

-Are testers Non-technical persons middle of 'techi developers'?
-Self respect of tester in a development team
-Measuring the capacities of testers in a testing team
-Precise test estimation
-Power testing
-Effective automation
-Using Open source tools and scripting language in software testing
-Evolution of testing and tester in agile period

are some of few...

There are many areas in outer world, which are not (yet) completely explored by software testers,at least you and me, many mathematical subjects (like mathematical modeling, permutations and combinations), Statistics (Sampling and probability) , Logic (Complex truth table) are to name a few..

Still we do not know the precise answer to questions like 'How you missed this bug?','Why automation framework is not robust across builds?','Can we release the product?' etc.

This blog will continuously explore these grey areas, will get questions (as well as answers) from friends to solve our testing problems,ways to improve our testing, ways to make our self powerful testers,attaining international standards (see, v shud be a bit enthu.. :-))


-Vasu & Gokul

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