Product Companies in India...

I am working at a software product company. Many of my friends are working in product companies. Though I am in Product Company, originally I am from Service Company.

I am seeing a model difference (as everybody knows) between service and product companies in India. Here in product companies, there is a collaborative development model, or in other words collaborative business model. The American company is not treating as client but as a parent, the American workers are treated as peers.

Definitely there may be many thought patterns would have ridden over it, but my opinion is, this is not good for both Indian as well as American wings. Indian wing should its American counterpart as its client, which not only increase the internal competency but also greatly justifies its existence.

As a company, either we have to bravely innovate things or should satisfy our clients/customers... Most of the core customer relationship activities are done in US, Indian companies start enjoying the 'non-pressure' of customer satisfaction... Even if it is created, it lags direction...

Then when Indians can treat their American counterpart as peers? In simple words, over the years, i.e. if process, knowledge, maturity of Indian wing is optimum, obviously the 'Equality' will emerge. Attrition plays an important role here.... Say if an ODC in Bangalore/Chennai is having contract with an American company for the past 6 years and with minimum attrition, then it’s the time for treating 'them' as your 'peers'

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