Which Generation am I?

Recently when I was conversing with my friend's cousin (who is around 20 years old), I was telling that I couldn't use Facebook, instead I like orkut for social networking. I am of the opinion that  Orkut's UI is better than Facebook's for connecting with friends. His reply was that I belong to previous (web) generation, though not technically (Web 1.0,Web 2.0) but on usage of web.

I was pretty displeased on hearing it.. but on thinking on it, I started listing what are all the sites I do not use or not explored , the list seems to be growing,

Facebook (albeit I am in, not feeling easy)

list is growing.. all the above mentioned are social networking/ news / book mark sharing sites.. Rarely I use ecommerce sites to buy things..

All I use is Orkut, LinkedIn,blogger,youtube,Google maps ...hmm..and obviously gmail.

I read news @ google news, chat via yahoo msnger.

Am I belong to previous gen?? What about you?

3 opinions:

101 Giri said...

Its all depends on which site/interface you are starting to get familiar. I started using Orkut for its grace and connectivity eventhough the usability in Orkut 1.0 is bit tough comparing to current UI. Similar case with Firefox and Chrome where the later is more user friendly and I still prefer Firefox. And remember you are not alone in the generation.

polo said...

Hey Gokul,
I didn't expect this from you man. It's in our hands to get update. Don't worry, now you got a chance to update your DB...

Gokul said...

Hi Giri,

Thanks for the 'support'! but the count of Firefox fans annoys me!

Hi Polo,

Its not about updating, its about feeling eazee!