We did a virtual booth this time at STARWEST 2012. At hindsight, the decision made sense as i did see not many companies had come over this time for the event. The expo primarily belonged to automation tool companies like Ranorex, TOSCA Suite, IBM Rational Suite, QMetry and others. CTS and WIPRO had their booths in the expo area. UTest seems to be garnering a lot of attention though i am not sure if the model is working for them effectively.

Attended Frank Cohen's(Push2Test) talk on "The Missing Integration at Best Buy: Agile, Test Management and Test Execution". Met Scott Barber and exchanged pleasantries. Gave my ITP(Industry Technical Presentation) on "Mobile, Cloud and Agile - Wearing the QA Head's Hat". James Bach was not seen but Jon Bach had a Keynote session on Oct 1st. Jonathan Kohl gave a Keynote speech on "Tapping into Testing Mobile Applications" which were later referred to in some of the technical presentations that happened on Mobile later.

Couple of sessions that i attended on the Mobile Testing front were good though i was able to see that the presenters were not able to clearly indicate a tool/approach to testing of Mobile applications considering the fragmentation involved with respect to Native/Web, Devices etc. 

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